Cities in Israel

"How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!"
(BaMidbar 24:5)


Karmiel. Photo: Netzah.org

Karmiel is a city in the North District of Israel.

The city was founded in 1964.

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Sderot KKL 100
Tel. 04-9085540

The National Insurance Institute of Israel ("Bituah Leumi"):
Sderot Nesiey Israel 11
Tel. *6050, 12226050

Israeli Employment Service ("Lishkat Taasuka"):
ha-Haroshet 8
Tel. 04-9985332, 15995999249

The Ministry of Interior ("Misrad ha-Pnim"):
Mishol ha-Rakafot 10
Tel. 04-9988860, 04-9988861

Israel Tax Authority:
"Mas Ahnasa":
Mishol Nurit 12
Tel. 04-6929777, Fax. 04-6929729

Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing:
Tel. 04-6088245, 04-6088249, 04-6088250, 04-6088251

The distance
(in straight line):

to Jerusalem - 126 km
to Tel Aviv - 104 km
to Haifa - 29 km
to Beer Sheva - 189 km

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